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Our Story

"We're here to produce beautiful, functional eco- gifts & homewares, with luxurious quality that last."

"One of the most direct way we can limit ecological impacts is with products that last for generations or can be reused, recycled, repaired so the materials in them remain in use, and not in landfills or oceans."

The Journey of EcoLuxe Living


"I created EcoLuxe Living in 2020 after seeing the huge amounts of single-use disposables heading towards landfills and oceans as a result of single-use packaging (that is prevalent everywhere - from our foods to our courier parcels) and more recently, as a result of the effects of Covid 19."

"In early 2020, I had just resigned from my job as a Food Safety & Quality Assurance Specialist to spend more time at home with my toddler, Christopher.

When New Zealand entered it's first Covid lockdown, I was able to spend a lot of time to think about the things that I truly wanted for my family and my children's futures. I was able to have the time to hand-cook delicious, nutritious meals that I was proud to feed my young family. I became more conscious of what we were purchasing to enter our bodies, our home and ultimately allowing to stay in our day-to-day lives.

During this first lockdown, my husband worked as an essential worker at the Waikato Hospital. Every night when he came home, he would dispose his disposable face mask, remove his "outside clothes" and shower before he would touch anything or anyone in our house. I would then put on disposable gloves and sanitise all the door handles, bags, shoes and load his outside clothes in the washing machine.

It is during this period that I became increasingly concerned about the huge amounts of single-use face masks and gloves that were being used by households such as ours, that were heading towards landfill and oceans, and remaining there for hundreds or even thousands of years to come. All from one single use.

Thus, I decided to create a go-to brand for sustainable households that care about what ends up in the environment, just as much as they care about what enters their family's bodies and their family home. A eco-community of households and individuals who choose to invest in products that would last for generations, or that can be re-used, infinitely recycled or repaired so that the materials in them remain in circular use - instead of our landfills and oceans."